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From the Inbox…

Hi, I had recently placed an order of your mag holders. I received them today and wanted to express my complete joy with the product. I have had many different mag holders in my many years of carrying, and I was unsure about your company, but can tell you that from now on when someone asks me what is my go to mag holder I will only be recommending KYTEX SHOOTING GEAR. Thank you again for making quality gear and forgive me for not being conscious of the fact that the product was coming from Texas, and I hope all is well.

Jaime P.
Myrtle Beach, SC


Just received my latest order. I have no idea how many orders this makes but you folks have just about matched every pistol that I could even think about carrying. Delivery is always outstanding. After carrying a pistol for the last 30+ years and trying more carriers than I like to think about, your design & execution is the best I have found. Just a note, the HK P7M8 pouch is usable with the S&W M&P 22, not as good as a dedicated carrier, (HINT-HINT), but it will work in a pinch for those of us that use that platform for cheap practice. Keep up the great work.
Edgar M.
Xenia, OH


Just received, very pleased. Grips mag perfectly, grips belt perfectly. Design forces proper bullet-forward mag position. On top of all this, it’s minimalist and simple. Congrats on this product. Best I’ve seen. Just ordered two more….
Fred A.
Kennewick, WA


Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been using your Kytex single mag holders for my Glock 43 and Glock 26 for roughly a month and I have to tell you, they are outstanding. They are exactly what I expected and then some.  I’ve been carrying my G43 mostly and the G43 mag holders disappear on me.  Really impressed with the construction and quality.  Thanks for a great product.  Will be ordering a couple more for my Glock 42 in the near future.
Thanks again,
Steve M.
Mentor, OH


I ordered four mag carriers for my Ruger LC9s back in October for an upcoming match.  First of all, thanks so much for making that happen before the match. Secondly, and most importantly, thanks for a great product!  What drew me to your gear was the size of the carriers because I have to run with at least four on my belt due to the limited capacity of my gun.  I honestly figured they would do in a pinch, even if I didn’t like them as much as some of the other gear I’ve used.  I must say you guys exceeded my expectations by a long shot.  They performed great in my match.  Easy on and off the belt, great tension with buttery smooth draw, lightweight, and limited belt real estate required.  What’s not to like?  But, the best thing that has happened since receiving your carriers is that I carry an extra magazine with me most of the time now as part of my EDC set up.  I had rarely carried a spare mag because I’m not a fan of IWB carry for the magazine, and all the OWB carriers I have tried were too bulky to conceal as well as I would like.  But boy do the Kytex carriers disappear!  Now I have one on my side daily and don’t even think about it being noticed.  I’ve been telling people about your gear and highly recommend it.  I’ll be placing another order for myself soon, to have a great setup for another one of my guns.

Thanks again,
Tim P.
Linwood, NC

I received my most recent order yesterday. I can only say that your mag and flashlight carriers are the most compact and efficient I can find. We all know belt space is at a premium. I carry a minimum of one double stack reload or two single stack, depending on the firearm. Your one-piece folded construction is ingenious and lacks the pop rivets, screws and large size that makes most of your competition appear Frankensteinian. Yours are also sweat and moisture impervious, which is a great added bonus. I have never written a testimonial, but I like you gear so much I decided I needed to share my thoughts with you. Keep up the great work and best of luck in the future.

PS: I forgot to mention that I really like how easy your carriers are to get on and off the belt.  I use a 5-stitch, 1 ½  inch Wilderness Tactical for a gunbelt.
Dennis T.
Boise, Idaho

Well, this is now my third order placed/received from Kytex, and as with the previous two, the S&W Bodyguard mag carriers are perfect! Perfect mag retention, yet butter-smooth retraction. There is none better than Kytex!
Dave M.
Northville, MI

I received my mag carrier yesterday, and I have to say, I could not be happier with it. Thanks for getting that done for me. It was well worth the wait and your craftsmanship lives up to it’s reputation and then some. I’ll be reaching out to you again in the future.
Merry Christmas,
Bryan G.
Newport News, VA

Items arrived today. As I’ve come to expect, quality is 150%. You make great gear. Hope you make holsters some day. I’d love to field test any gear you put out. You products are top shelf.
Kenneth R.
Hot Springs, AR

I have never written a testimonial for a product, so this is a first. But your mag carriers are the best, so you deserve to be the first! I had purchased a MP Shield 9/.40 mag carrier some time ago, and have since used it in daily carry, as well as in multiple NRA defensive pistol courses – shooting/reloading from various positions. The KYTEX carrier is steady/secure on the belt, retains the mag perfectly, but releases with butter-smooth ease. I have just ordered another carrier, and will continue to recommend to friends and family
members. Thanks for a fantastic product!
Dave M.
Northville, MI


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From the Inbox….


I rarely do product reviews, but I am so happy with the magazine carrier that I purchased for my S&W Shield that I felt compelled to tell you so.

I have been a federal agent for the past 24 years and regularly carry a side arm. I’ve always found magazine carriers to be inordinately bulky, and as a result, sometimes wouldn’t carry a reload, particularly when off duty. As I am sure you are aware, that is ill advised.

I was excited to find your product, and it seemed like just the thing that would ensure I always have a reload available. I am happy to say it has exceeded my expectations. This carrier is strong, secure, durable, and above all..discreet. It disappears under a t-shirt with the shield magazine.

I’ve already told all my co-workers about your product and at least one person has already ordered. I myself plan to order a second after having tried it out.

Thanks for a great product!

Staten Island, NY


I must say that at first I was skeptical due to the one piece design, but I have now been wearing your 1911 mag carrier for 2-3 weeks straight and it has gotten to the point that I forget its there. The design is simple and effective. Retention is spot on, and draw is smooth. I am glad to say that I am back on your site to order a second 1911 mag carrier and soon after will be ordering for my Glock and M&P. Oh, and to make things better, they’re made in Texas! Keep up the great work,

Eduardo M.
Weslaco, TX


I wanted you to know how happy I’ve been with the 2 Kytex Shooting Gear magazine carriers I purchased from you. I ordered both a right and left hand carrier for my Ruger LC9 – the right hand one for OWB and the left hand one for IWB. Both are, frankly, perfect. You’ve come up with a very ingenious design and I wouldn’t be surprised if you soon have other manufacturers knocking at your door to buy the rights to it.

I’ve worn your carriers almost daily for 6 weeks now and they have functioned unobtrusively and flawlessly, even wearing the left hand model as IWB which it wasn’t designed to do. I’m now looking at the drawer full of various magazine carriers I have for other makes and models and considering their replacement with Kytex Shooting Gear carriers. With your great design and execution, you are certainly going to be asked to produce double carriers (and I think you can do it on the same principles) and next will be
holsters. I can’t wait!

Thanks for a great product,
Neal N.
Princeton, TX

I have purchased several KYTEX carriers for my Glocks, and now for my Ruger LC9. Of all magazine carriers on the market, nothing comes even close to Brian’s brilliant design! Smallest, most efficient size. Strong material and self-adjusting tension to the magazine all make this the best you’ll find anywhere. Truly great value, at a great price.

Thank you Brian, and I hope you become a millionaire with your “best anywhere” carriers!

Gil P.

“I am an old 1911 man and have used most mag carriers made. This (KYTEX 1911 carrier) is the absolute best mag carrier I have used. I sell firearms for Gander Mountain and also collect 1911’s and 1911 A1’s… I own many custom leather and kydex holsters and mag carriers and love the one you sent me. I will recommend them to everyone.”

Carter H.

“Recieved the two (M&P) mag carriers in great time. Had my first IDPA match with them the following weekend and they worked excellent. Thanks again for such a simple, inexpensive, yet functions-like-a-million-bucks product. Will definately be calling on you again once I order more magazines for my pistols.”

Leroy M.

“Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for the hook up on the pouches. We had 39 shooters Saturday at the match and I finished 2nd, and the Glock/AR pouches worked flawlessly.”

Tony M.

“I just received my single Glock magazine carriers and and wanted to let you know that I am very happy with your product. It is simple and works extremely well. I will definitely be purchasing more of your products in the future. ”

Will M.

“I bought one of your 1911 mag holders recently and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it. I have a box full of stuff like that that doesn’t work, doesn’t fit, or just plain didn’t live up to expectations. I have to say that your product actually exceeded my expectations for “use-abilty” and workmanship. I like how it holds the mag snug enough to be secure but easy to pull, and I’m especially impressed with your belt clip, really a genius design compared to most. I was concerned it wouldn’t hold but those tips are bent just enough to grab the belt while still making it easy to take on and off while wearing the belt. Great stuff.”

Scott H.